After looking at these, anybody in their right mind will wonder “Why are you taking so many photos of the ground??”

The answer is that I’m in love with the foliage and plants and animals in Colorado – I love seeing the differences in what grows in different soils, climates, and environments.

This summer I took a camping trip with my dad and his girlfriend to Taylor Park. It was really nice to escape the usual hustle of Boston and spend some time outdoors.

The ranchers of the area have a deal with the park to allow their cattle to roam free in the area during the summer months, so when they’re not grazing, they retreat to the wooded areas where things are a bit more shaded and insulated. It was a bit surprising to look up and all of a sudden notice that there was a herd of cattle watching me and our campsite.

The cattle weren’t our only visitors while we were around – Besides the magpie who was really interested in what we were cooking, there was this female mule deer that would come by at night and really showed no fear! As long as we weren’t moving around and were just sitting by the fire, she’d try to investigate our campsite. Not to mention the antics with the field mice…

This is just a collection of memories for me from the summer in the Colorado elevation.