This is a bit of a best of 2019 post.

I’m engaged now; I really couldn’t be happier about this one!

My paper on gonorrhea in Baltimore and San Francisco was published this last December. It’s exciting to have my first paper and to be one of two co-first authors on it.

The web application I’ve been developing at work, Tabby2 passed the Center for Disease Control and Prevention’s Scientific Web Tool Clearance and is now live online for public access!

Another collaborator and I have submitted our paper on syphilis in Louisiana and Massachusetts to the CDC for clearance and will be heading to journals soon to publish.

I’ve had two amazing trips to Colorado this year; My fiancée and I went to visit my grandparents in Denver and got to see some of the lovely national parks near there, and my dad, his girlfriend, and I went camping near Gunnison National Forest.

My dad is working on his food truck and it brings me great joy to see his progress as he makes his dream a reality.

My friends all seem to be doing well – It’s incredibly inspiring to see my friends enjoying themselves and doing brilliant things in all kinds of different ways and places.

I’m really pleased with 2019. It was a year that I put a lot of work in and got a lot out of it. But I also feel that it was a year that I became more confident in myself.

Of my new years goals, the one I want to mention here is that I’m aiming to improve my technical writing skills by reading five books on statistics and machine learning and publishing problem sets or write-ups about them and their topics here this semester. Please feel free to ask about the details in the comments!

Thanks for reading; hopefully posts will become more frequent here.