Washington State Photography

I took some photos in Olympic National Park and around Seattle

Christian Testa


August 31, 2016

In 2016 I visited Washington state, including Seattle, Olympic National Park, and Olympic National Forest. The mist and fog hanging over the roads through the mountains and forest on the way to Olympic National Park made the experience calm and tranquil. The beach was beautiful, bright blue with tide pools and anemone. The stacks of hard rock carved away by the tide coming in and out create a beautiful ocean and beach landscape, with a consistently interesting horizon to fall in love with. Seattle had a very fun culture to appreciate, from plenty of art museums, graffiti, monuments, and history. Absolutely check out the beautiful art at the Chihuly glass museum if you get the chance. It is phenomenal and impressive. I would love to visit Washington state again, and the first item on my agenda would be getting back to Olympic National Park.