2021 in Review


December 26, 2021

I couldn’t really talk about 2021 without mentioning that I got married in June 2021!

I got married!

Our photographer, Tamara, did a great job taking photos of our ceremony. Here are some of my favorites.

My wife Jane and I strolling along at our wedding. The backdrop is a trail with lovely green foliage and grass. Embraced arm-in-arm we smile at each other. Jane and I kiss

Published papers and working papers

I had a number of published papers and working papers. Some of the work I’m the most proud of include work in a preprint we shared on The Evolving Roles of US Political Partisanship and Social Vulnerability in the COVID-19 Pandemic from February 2020 - February 2021.

All of my articles are listed on my Google Scholar page, but I particularly appreciated the emphasis that our Evolving Roles article had on considering competing models. Testing competing model implementations is one of the 10 “not so simple” rules for credible practice of modeling and simulation identified by the Committee on Credible Practice of Modeling and Simulation in Healthcare seeded from a U.S. interagency initiative in this article.


I’ve been taking photography a lot more seriously this year and I’m proud of the results. I think I’ve taken some stunning shots and I enjoy looking at them, so I hope others do too.

On a foggy mountaintop, the silouhette of a person is discernable A close-up of a poke-y burr plant A close-up of a plains sunflower The Boston skyline with docked boats in the foreground Sunset on the beach at Cape Cod My friend’s dog Sabre being pet Sabre again, with a lovely orange and green bokeh background from the fallen fall foliage and grass The Boston skyline, almost silhouette-lit with a pink and dusty blue sky, as if before hardly anyone has woken up

My New Puppy Hodu

Of course I would be remiss if I didn’t mention my new puppy Hodu.

He is quite the character.

Ideas for 2022

I hope that in 2022 we all strive to create a better world. I want to see those who are intent to build a more equitable and sustainable world empowered to do so. I want to see humanity build and implement a better future. I would ask if that’s too much to ask for, but I don’t think it is.