Our Trip to Seattle


Christian Testa


July 10, 2023

Seattle was so much fun! I don’t know how on Earth we did so much in just two days, but we did.

As soon as we got off the plane, picked up our rental car and checked into our hotel, we were super famished so we set out and found some amazing Mexican food pretty close to the airport at El Cabrito.






Next up was the Chihuly Garden and Glass museum! The glass was the focal point, but the drinks in the garden were pretty great too: the cold brew with pistachio foam, and frozen banana & kalamansi mai tais were pretty unforgettable.
























After we went to the Chihuly Garden and Glass exhibits we went to the Space Needle. It was neat seeing all the history about its construction as we queued for the elevator, and the attendants’ 41 second speeches that were perfectly timed to the elevator ride were quite impressive. Jane is working on her fear of glass bottom buildings ☺️




For dinner, we headed over to the Capitol Hill neighborhood and met up with some friends at Oddfellows Cafe + Bar and then went around the corner for ice cream at Molly Moon’s Homemade Ice Cream.




Day 2

To start off our second day, we had to go to Temple Pastry since I’d heard it had some of the very best French pastries. I loved the vibe and I picked up that little travel coffee mug with the nice design on it as a souvenir. Outside we met two cute Shibas that I think were minor gods of mischief.












After our breakfast at Temple Pastry and getting lunch at Din Tai Fung, it was off to our friend’s wedding: our purpose for being in Seattle! After walking in we immediately pounced on their dogs to say hi to them; their names are Penguin (nickname: Gwen) and Nala.

The wedding was beautiful! It was outdoors by a nice little stream on a farm house about 30 minutes from where we were staying. The bride’s mother made these amazing glass blown sunflowers that were the table decorations, of which there must have been over a 100. We were instructed to take those home, so those will be another nice keepsake of ours from this trip.












Day 3

For breakfast on the third day, we tried going one place but then saw it had over an hour wait, so we got back in the car and went to Cheeky Cafe. We did have to wait a while for our food, but once it got to us it was to-die-for. Jane noticed that there was spicy kimchi mac & cheese on the menu and obviously we were going to get that. It was incredible! Very creamy, right level of spicy, umami, delicious. And the wasabi dressing side-salad was pretty good too, actually. I got their french toast and Jane got their “Cheeky french toast” which was stuffed with bananas. Both were great!







Next we went to the Univeristy of Washington Arboretum and toured the Japanese Garden there. It was perfect weather for it, in the low 70s with a cool breeze. We spent a lot of time just lounging in the gazebos. For the legal nerds: “How do tortoises settle their disputes? Tort law!”















We wanted to get inside for a while to cool off and relax, so we went over to Ada’s Technical Books and Cafe and just read for a bit. Outside of Ada’s we spotted this really neat mural made out of brightly colored floppy disks. What a blast from the past! After that we went over to Carmelo’s Tacos and had a few more great tacos.










You might be wondering “what was Hodu doing during all of this?” Rest assured, he was living his best life, re-enacting Totoro and napping off the hot days in Boston at a friend’s place.

Finally, and I still don’t know how we survived doing this, but we took a red-eye back (9:30pm to 5:45am) so I could make my Monday morning 9am meeting.